Dogs Are Much More Than Just Pets. They Are Life Savers!

Having a dog around you can reduce your stress levels drastically! They might spoil your shoes but they can never spoil your mood. At BarkCentral, we dedicate ourselves to uplift your dog’s standard of living.

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Where Fashion Meets Furry Fun! Our store is a labor of love, dedicated to pampering your four-legged companions with the trendiest and most stylish outfits. Founded by passionate dog lovers, we believe that our furry friends deserve to strut their stuff in comfort and style. From adorable doggy sweaters to chic accessories, our carefully curated collection ensures your pets look and feel their best on every occasion. Join us on this fashionable journey!


Being a working professional, sometimes I found it difficult to cope-up with the excitement level of my pet. I tried numerous ways to keep Zango (my 2 year old pitbull) occupied while I was out. But I was unable to do that. I came across this cute toy that kept Zango playful throughout the day because everytime Zango chewed the toy, it gave treats. Now, Zango is more attached to his toy (sighs!)
~ Max B.
Having a dog and not letting it sleep on the bed was impossible. My father and mother didn’t like this at all. On Daisy’s 2nd birthday (a cute shih tzu) we gifted her our own bed from Barkcentral and today is the time that Daisy guards her own place. She now has her own bed which she doesn’t like to share with the rest of our pets and we had to get each one their own beds.
~ William Elliot
Me and Crispy (5 year old pomeranian) are both fond of traveling. But there were times when I found it difficult to keep all our belongings minimal for trekking. I got Crispy her own travel kit which was an all-in-one package - food, shelter, drinks and a bag to carry all this with me. Thanks to this amazing travel goodie that changed our travel experience in all the good ways.
- Michael Brook